Pray for Clark and his family, he has advanced cancer.
Pray for Sandy and her upcoming foot surgery. (Recovering nicely)
Pray for Arlene’s hairdresser who has a mysterious ailment. (much improvement)
Pray for a co-worker of Arlene who has an ailment that cannot be diagnosed. (now diagnosed as Lou Gehrig’s disease) Please continue to pray.
Pray for Tom. Cancer removed from several parts of the abdomen prior to pursuit of bone marrow cancer in one femur. (radiation of femur delayed due to collapsed lung and pneumonia.) (stabilized and going forward with treatment) Had to go to different clinic, but excited about fresh start.
Pray for a co-worker of Robert whose husband is terminally ill. (He has passed, Pray for his widow)
Pray for Tom and Donna as they face decisions about their future.
Pray for Sharon’s family. Sister-brain cancer, parent’s care-giver (her uncle) had stroke.
Pray for Sharon’s husband Mike who after having had a mild stroke and heart surgery now has prostate cancer.  (Cancer now gone)
Pray for Sharon as she deals with severe back pain.
Pray for Scott as he undergoes elaborate wound care treatment. (wound improving, eyes better)
Pray for a minister Tim and his wife as they take a leap of faith and as they seek God’s face.
Pray for a co-worker of Arlene who has had surgery for cancer. Started Chemo for radiation triggered cancer.   (She has now passed due to cancer.  There is assurance of her salvation) Please pray for her family and friends.
Pray for a local pastor as he prepares for second hip replacement surgery. (Recovering nicely!)
Arlene- pray for hard situations at her work. (God is moving and things are improving)
Pray for Hazel as she tries to recover from back surgery. Pain and possible follow-up surgery.
Robert- He is in the midst of an on-going mission project and would like prayer for clarity and advancement.
Tom (original)- He is a cancer survivor and hoping for continued good medical reports. (latest report still good)

Pray for Jake and LaVerne (and their family) as they deal with serious health issues.